System & Internet Washer

System & Internet Washer 4.20

A tool to clear the tracks of your activities in different areas of your PC

When your privacy and tracks of your activity on a particular computer is a cause for concern, and you need to be sure that nobody else can access that information - especially on shared PCs -, you will want to count on a software program like System & Internet Washer. This is a comprehensive tool that provides various methods for you to clean all those tracks, working on several areas within your system.

This program runs on background mode, so it is always available on the system tray area, even when you are not actively working with it. Its practical interface consists of a series of tabs, one for each cleaning method. On the "Browser" tab, you can choose among several cleaning tasks related to Internet Explorer and – in some cases - also to Firefox. Here you can delete the Browser’s history, the cookies, the cache, the typed URLs, your auto-complete information, the index.dat entries, and those usernames and passwords stored in your system. On the "Windows" tab, you can clear system-related tracks, like the recent document list, the recycle bin, the temp folder, the run list, the network places’ cache, the find files and computer lists, your favorite items, and even the Windows paging file.

You also have a "Disk" tab, which allows you to actually destroy all the information your deleted, making it impossible to recover through standard undelete programs. On the "Add-ins" tab you can clean up the traces of a wide variety of programs - like messengers - that keep “recently used” lists. The "Custom items" tab gives you the chance to select which folders and registry keys you want to clean, while the "Popup Blocker" tab allows you to choose whether to block pop-up windows in Messenger or Internet Explorer. Here you can choose between High, Medium, or Low level of blocking, and activate or deactivate the service at will.

Finally, there is also a "Settings" tab, where you will see a subset of tabs allowing you to completely configure the program according to your personal needs. In addition to all those tabs, you also have a "Quick Erase" feature, that lets you check or uncheck the most common or your favorite cleaning tasks, and launch all of them at once. A very novel feature is the so-called "Stealth mode", which allows this program to run practically undetected.

In my opinion, System & Internet Washer is a very complete tool that provides you with all the necessary utilities you need to clean all your tracks on all the critical areas of your system, so you can rest assured that nobody has access to your private information.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very comprehensive
  • Easy to use
  • Stealth Mode available
  • Cleans all critical system areas


  • 15-days trial
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